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Strategic Planning

We offer services to help industries identify and plan to address strategic issues to help move your industry forward.

Giving you a vision, purpose, values and industry objectives, ensuring that an environmental analysis and an action plan for the future are developed. Strategic planning helps organisations consider their purpose, goals and objectives and how to achieve them. 

Our experience includes developing strategic plans, knowledge and awareness across a range of industries, stakeholder engagement, facilitation and reporting skills that support this service.

Business Venture Development

Increase the probability of success for your new business venture. We can offer you support in a range of areas. These include business planning, enterprise assessment, marketing, business systems, financial management, human resource management and corporate governance. It also includes coaching and mentoring support for ongoing operations.

We offer experience in working across a wide range of industries and business types. Well developed communication skills, and experience in entrepreneurship,  commercialisation and business management support this service.

This service is managed by Natasha Searle. Email Natasha or call 08 8841 4500 to enquire about how we can help your business.


Developing a Strategic R,D&E Plan for the Dryland Victorian Mallee, for GRDC and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries. A strategic plan for the future of R,D&E in the Mallee outlined a future vision, strategies and goals to achieve it. Extensive desktop research, consultation with a steering committee and with industry stakeholders underpinned the plan.

Feasibility Study for Haythorpe Station. A feasibility study on Haythorpe Station on behalf of the Indigenous Lands Corporation involved consulting with local stakeholders, visiting the property and assessing infrastructure and features. Recommendations were made on future enterprises and options for managing the property.