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Improve your industry performance by understanding stakeholders businesses, communicating successes and improving opportunities.

Our benchmarking tool, SnapShot™, is a health check for your industry. It is a simple business review tool that can identify strengths and weaknesses, monitor business performance and compare individual business trends to others. SnapShot can be modified to meet individual industry needs, or we can deliver using existing industry systems.

We offer experience in benchmarking across a wide range of industries. Delivery can be in groups, for individuals or remotely. Well developed facilitation, analysis and reporting skills, and the ability to inform future investment for industry impact, support this service.

This service is managed by Natasha Searle. Email Natasha or call 08 8841 4500 to enquire about how we can help your business.


Profitable Integration of Cropping and Livestock, Meat & Livestock Australia

The complexity of managing multiple enterprises within one farm business requires careful management to optimise performance.

Meat & Livestock Australia is funding a national project to identify what it takes to successfully integrate cropping and livestock enterprises in southern Australia.

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Benchmarking the Australian Oyster Industry, for Oysters Australia and the Seafood CRC. The project objectives are to operate a benchmarking tool for Australian oyster industry;  using SnapShot, collect, analyse and report key production and marketing practices and individual business financial performance;  provide recommendations to the growing sector on key areas of focus for future R&D activities; and communicate recommendations with growers.

Characteristics of Profitable SA Farming Businesses from 2006 to 2010. For SA Rural Business Support Service and Primary Industries and Resources SA. 32 businesses were surveyed and benchmarked using SnapShot Premium and SnapShot NOW. Common characteristics of profitable farm businesses were identified. A report was prepared for industry, which has directed future funding models.