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Increase awareness of initiatives and improve adoption of research and development, resulting in on ground change for your industry.

Engage with industry groups to review research, new innovations and trial results and present them in a way so they can be practically used by industry stakeholders. We have industry knowledge and awareness across a wide range of sectors. Our technical, communication and facilitation skills mean stakeholders are engaged.

With an ability to present information at an appropriate level, and present products in a variety of formats, means that participation and uptake is enhanced and change management is achieved. 

This service is managed by Natasha Searle. Email Natasha or call 08 8841 4500 to enquire about how we can help your business.


Community Farmlinkx. Managed on behalf of the South Australian No-Till Farmers Association and funded through the National Landcare Program. A large scale, 3 year community consultation and extension project, based in the Lower North of South Australia, included demonstration sites, community surveys, extension workshops and publications. 

Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual. Developed in conjunction with the Bestprac network, Rural Directions Pty Ltd gathered and edited over 100 innovations for the pastoral wool industry. Innovations were compiled into a printed manual and, since this publication, flow-on projects have resulted in online case studies and videos (for more information, please visit