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From the Managing Director

I do enjoy the beginning of a year. It’s an opportunity to set some new goals and do a tidy up. Just after New Year, we had our annual family meeting. We talked about the future and what we wanted to achieve and places we wanted to go. I gain motivation from ‘making time’ to have an open discussion and some solid planning. Everybody now has direction and support for individual and collective plans. 

Post Harvest Review

James Hillcoat
For many clients, 2017 will be remembered as being one of frustration and difficult decision making. A few would probably rather forget the last 12 months, but at least almost all were surprised by the result, given the challenges of the year. This is really a testament to changes in farming systems and management to produce the results observed from challenging conditions. 

Are you a Top 20% Producer?

Brendan Wallis

A Grains Research and Development Corporation project, ‘The integration of technical data and profit drivers for more informed decisions’ identified key profit drivers for ‘Top 20%’ grain producers. Across all regions, there were clear benchmarks that emerged as important: 

Career Profile - Simon Vogt

Rural Directions is always open to receiving expressions of interest from mid-career professionals with a strong interest in agriculture to join our consulting team. In this edition of InTouch we were keen to profile the mid-career change that brought Simon Vogt into our consulting team. 

Substantial Changes to Overtime/TOIL - Pastoral Award 2010

As of 27 November 2017, the Pastoral Award 2010 has been varied and substantial changes have been made to the previous provisions relating to overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL).

Retention of Staff

Carlyn Sherriff and Dee Heinjus

As outlined in InTouch in 2017, we note a tightening in the supply of labour for on-farm roles. This has been evident through low enquiry rates for positions vacant, and even lower application numbers. Supporting this is feedback from farmers who simply cannot fill roles. 

Upcoming Events


Staff Profile - Royce Pitchford

I started with Rural Directions in: January 2018
Position: Graduate Agribusiness Consultant 
What does this mean (in a nutshell):  I follow others to learn what to do. 
Favourite food: Lasagne
2 people I would invite to dinner are: Hamish and Andy
Favourite karaoke song: Bohemian Rhapsody (regret it halfway through though....)
Ultimate travel destination: Africa
What's your favourite beauty secret? Less is more
What I would spend my last $10 on: Bakery food
Happiness is .... a 2 stroke motor at full throttle.

Crop to Market

Find out the benefits that our Crop to Market service has provided to one of our clients. Crop to Market packages agronomy and our grain marketing service to offer you support for your cropping program from the paddock to the market place. Click on the image below to watch.

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