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From the Managing Director

Recently the Rural Directions Board reviewed our strategic plan. We do this each year to ensure we are providing value to clients. With this year’s difficult trading environment, alignment of products and services with client needs is essential.

A major part of our renewed business strategy is the creation of a ‘perpetual’ business. The principle of perpetual is about thinking long term and multi-generational.

How do your farm salary packages compare?

Natasha Searle

The 2018 Rural Directions Farm Salary Survey – a comprehensive review of salary packages and farm labour trends, is now open and we invite you to contribute, click here to begin.

Businesses with family labour only, or both family and non-family labour are encouraged to complete the survey. 

The 2018 Farm Salary Survey Report (now in its fourth edition) will be released in early 2019. It will provide farm businesses with detailed information in an easy to read format to support on farm HR policy, practices and strategy.

Hay versus grain

James Hillcoat  
There have been some astounding stories of crop development on limited rainfall this year and it is truly a hats off to growers for creating potential from (very) limited resources. Despite this, we are arguably entering the trickiest time of the crop’s development. Difficult decisions will have to be made, often with little time to fully consider all options. Lack of moisture, frost and heat are all factors that can disappointingly strip this potential with scant regard for the effort that has gone in. 

Staff profile - Natasha Searle

We recently welcomed Agribusiness Consultant, Natasha Searle, back in to our team following 12 months parental leave. Natasha joined Rural Directions in July 2008 and since January 2016 she has been based at Dubbo, in Central West New South Wales.

Management in dry times

There’s no doubt that a significant part of Australia is currently experiencing drought conditions. Whilst it is difficult having less than average production, it’s crucial that a positive mindset is retained and focus shifts to areas within your control. For other areas, even at this stage of the season, there is still potential out there. Regardless of your situation, it is important to keep focused on making good decisions. 
To remove the impact of drought thinking, it is best to explore and calculate decisions. This takes some of the emotive bias out of decision making and focuses on the facts on hand. 

Family corporate - making the transition

There is growing complexity in farm management. As a result, there is an emerging trend towards a more corporate style of management for family farms. There are many differences between corporate farms and family farms. Both models have pros and cons, so implementing the best features of each can be a worthwhile approach.
Family farms can be viewed sentimentally with the lines between business and family often blurred. Decisions are usually made intuitively by one person with the resulting cash surpluses put back into the business. A long-term view (>50 years) is generally taken with land management, and business goals are underpinned by traditional values. Some decisions are made based on emotions, not business cases, and a large amount of time spent is working in the business. Longer hours are often worked to achieve results as outcomes directly benefit the family labour.

Employee exchange program

Rural Directions and UK business, Brown & Co are excited to announce the launch of our Employee Exchange Program. This program will see a Brown & Co consultant working with Rural Directions this October and one of our consultants heading over to work in the UK early in the new year.
Brown & Co is a leading provider of professional consultancy services across a wide range of rural, commercial and residential property, agriculture and the environment, both in the UK and parts of Europe.

Crop to Market Service

Find out the benefits that our Crop to Market service has provided to one of our clients. Our crop to market service supports your cropping program from the paddock to the market place. Click on the image below to watch.

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