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Our Culture

A strong, productive culture is a vital part of any successful business. Culture is the collective behaviours that identify us as a team. It is how we act, not just how we want to act. The best business strategy will not succeed without a strong culture to underpin it. Defining culture can be challenging. This statement provides an insight into how we feel about our work at Rural Directions. We live this culture, and do not give it lip service.

Our clients are our reason for being in business. Without clients we have no business, and they are treated with respect at all times. We use empathy to understand their needs, wants and desires, and respect their confidentiality at all times. Knowing our clients well gives us the opportunity to develop new approaches for them.

Delivering value to our clients requires the synergy created by effective teamwork. To foster effective teamwork we are supportive of one another and genuinely care. We celebrate the success of other team members and are sensitive and encouraging during times of stress. Above all we treat all team members with respect, no matter the situation.

We strive to develop our people. Being innovative, creative and continuously looking to improve our services and our skills keeps us relevant. To do this we must be open to debate, not defensive, and willing to consider new ideas and thinking from others. Ideas are encouraged and valued, even if not adopted.

A proactive attitude is one of our hallmarks. We enjoy getting into it, getting our hands dirty, and making a start. Seeking forgiveness is preferable to seeking permission.

To be at our best we must remain fresh. We recognise that whilst work is important, there are other things in our life that also require our attention. Maintaining outside interests enables us to relate to and focus on our work relationships more effectively. We want each other to be here for the long term. We recognise that work life balance is important.

We enjoy coming to work, are proud of the company and each other, and will not do anything to damage the interests of the company or a team member. Company success and our personal success are closely related and mutually beneficial.

Having fun at work is part of the attraction, and whilst we know there will be some hard times we will seek to make each other smile. It is our collective responsibility to make work a safe and enjoyable place to be.