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For business owners and managers who are seeking support to work through a key HR priority we offer hrCoaching.

hrCoaching combines encouragement and structure with technical expertise,  to enable you to progress and achieve your goals. The coaching model promotes practice change with our clients.

Benefits of hrCoaching:

  • Proactively address HR issues or opportunities individually as they arise
  • A flexible approach to gaining support in HR management decision making
  • A ‘new set of eyes’ for ideas, advice and perspective
  • Advice and support for implementation as you need it, at a frequency that suits you
“I was really impressed when I approached Rural Directions for some guidance with HR for our new employee. They were very flexible in the delivery and timing to suit our lifestyle and this exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending Rural Directions to others in the future. The way Simon and I look at it is, we are best to focus on the areas of the business we are experienced in, and seek guidance and support for the other areas,”
Sally Veitch, grain and livestock producer, Wudinna, SA