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If you don't have the time to monitor grain prices every single day and are seeking a truly independent source of information, Prices Direct will provide you with a daily SMS with the best published grain prices for your port zone.

Built on timely, independent and easily accessible grain pricing information, it assists you in making sound grain marketing decisions. Prices Direct is compiled each weekday by our grain marketing team, who are committed to providing thoroughly researched and unbiased grain price updates to users, from over 15 grain buyers.


You can also add two hours of telephone support from a Grain Marketing Consultant and attend our Grain Market Briefing Sessions with Prices Direct Premium.



As well as our grain pricing services, we also offer agribusiness owners a simple and easy to use benchmarking tool to help monitor performance and progress.


“It gives me the big picture for grain prices and makes marketing my own grain easy. It is cost effective and very important for my business. I wouldn’t be without it.”
Annette Lambert, Meringur, Victoria