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Receive independent information on SA and Victorian grain prices, including wheat prices that'll help keep you informed and up-to-date with all the fluctuations in the market.

Our pricing tools provide you with a cost-effective and comprehensive timely monitoring service that's sure to keep you up to date with all the relevant wheat prices and grain prices in SA and Victoria. Our suite of services will notify you of changes in bids and key events via email or SMS .

At Rural Directions we know that getting the best possible price for your grain is important to the success of your agribusiness, and that's why we've created pricing tools that work for you. Prices from over 15 grain buyers are compiled.

You can also add two hours of telephone support from a Grain Marketing Consultant and attend our Grain Market Briefing Sessions with our premium product range.

We have the following grain commodity pricing subscriptions available:



Click here to view our full subscription services brochure, or click here to view our FAQ's.

At Rural Directions we offer a diverse range of different grain marketing services designed to assist South Australian agribusiness.



“It gives me the big picture for grain prices and makes marketing my own grain easy. It is cost effective and very important for my business.
I wouldn’t be without it”
Annette Lambert, Meringur, Victoria