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Profit from Plants

Profit from Plants will take into account seasonal variability and the impact of different rainfall deciles on production. It will allow participants to manage risk, soil and plant nutrition and operations planning. This involves taking a technical production decision such as extra fertiliser, and looking at the business management principles that underlie it.

This workshop is ideally suited to primary producers who are keen to improve their skills in cropping to make best use of their resources. It is particularly well suited to younger farmers and employees looking to take on greater responsibility in their cropping business.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Calculate gross margins including sensitivity analysis
  • Design a productive, profitable and sustainable cropping rotation
  • Develop fertiliser budgets and have a process to determine if fertiliser inputs are profitable
  • Plan your annual operations calendar taking into consideration different tasks such as maintenance, training and seed cleaning etc in order to best manage time and labour
  • Monitor paddocks accurately to aid with management and time efficiency


Pasture Principles - a practical guide to pasture management

17-18 June 2019, Naracoorte
2-3 July 2019, Clare   VIEW FLYER REGISTER NOW


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Southern BusinessEDGE

19-20 June 2019, Naracoorte
26-27 June 2019, Adelaide
21-22 August 2019, Coomandook
18-19 September 2019, Bordertown
16-17 October 2019, Robe VIEW FLYER REGISTER NOW


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Opportunity for Profit Workshop

The top performing grain growers in Southern Australia are retaining 30% of turnover as net profit, while the average is retaining closer to 10%.

So what are the Top 20% businesses doing differently to achieve this?

To find out the answers and...

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