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Annual Benchmarking

Annual benchmarking and performance monitoring is central to generating consistently superior returns from an investment into agriculture.

We offer a unique suite of benchmarking tools known as the SnapShot™ range.

Our simple, easy to use, benchmarking tools enable both quantitative and qualitative assessment, providing valuable insights into business performance. 

This service is managed by Simon Vogt. Email Simon or call 08 8841 4500 to enquire about how we can help your business.

agri benchmark Network

Rural Directions is happy to be a part of the agri benchmark network.

agri benchmark is a global, non-profit network of agricultural economists, advisors, producers and specialists in key sectors of agricultural and horticultural value chains. This networks utilises internationally standardised methods to analyse farms, production systems and their profitability.

As a partner of agri benchmark, Rural Directions aims to assist the global agricultural network in understanding the key drivers of farming systems and business in Australian agriculture whilst conveying the global findings of this network back to our clients.

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Benchmarking the Australian Oyster Industry, for Oysters Australia and the Seafood CRC. The project objectives are to operate a benchmarking tool for the Australian oyster industry; using SnapShot, collect, analyse and report key production and marketing practices and individual business financial performance; provide recommendations to the growing sector on key areas of focus for future R&D activities; and communicate recommendations with growers. To learn more about this project, please click Oyster project overview.

Characteristics of Profitable SA Farming Businesses from 2006 to 2010. For SA Rural Business Support Service and Primary Industries and Resources SA. 32 businesses were surveyed and benchmarked using SnapShot Premium and SnapShot NOW. Common characteristics of profitable farm businesses were identified. A report was prepared for industry, which has directed future funding models.