Sharefarming vs Leasing Matrix - Durum Wheat

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Shared Input (50/50)

Shared Output (25/75)


Gross Margin Calculation

Land Owner Sharefarmer Land Owner Sharefarmer Land Owner Tenant
  Commodity Yield (t/Ha) Price/t Income/Ha            
Expenses         Lease Cost ($/Acre)
Direct Inputs Type Rate/Ha (kg/L) Price Cost/Ha         Lease Cost ($/Ha)
Fertiliser - Type 1  
Fertiliser - Type 2  
Chemical Knockdown, In Crop, Fungicides, & Summer Sprays  
Operational Inputs   # of passes cost/pass/Ha              
Work Up/Work Back    
Boomspray Passes All  
    Rate Value per Ha              
Financing costs on direct inputs and lease    
    drawdown factor      
Landholders Rates & Taxes                    
Land Value per Acre                  
Land Value per Ha                  
Rates & Taxes % Rates & Taxes / Ha        
Additional Inputs                    
Insurance Crop Insurance Cost/$1,000 of cover  
Harvest Freight   $/tonne  
Contract Operations   # of passes cost/pass/Ha              
Type 1  
Type 2    
Total Variable Costs/Ha
Gross Margin / Ha
Gross Margin / Acre
   Leasing Breakeven Yield

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